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Double Sided Quilt As You Go Quilt

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Sew blocks as demonstrated in the photo instructions, trim to desired size (8 1/2") by placing a square-up ruler diagionally on the center edge of the triangle, and trim edges of square to desired size.

Lay out your blocks in a desired pattern. The various log cabin designs look nice.

Cut sashing for the front side 1 3/4", fold in half, press, and cut the length of the squre. Cut sashing for the back side 1 1/8" and cut into the length of the square.

Complete your rows as demonstrated in the photo instructions... DO NOT put sashing on the outside edge of the block that will be the binding edge of the finished quilt.

Use the same size sashing and proceed to connect the rows. Add one row at a time so you don't need to work with a lot of bulk.

Bobbin thread should coordinate or contrast with bottom side triangle. Top thread should coordinate or contrast with top side triangle.

I pressed each seam as I turned it over being careful not to stretch batting. I cut my strips on the length grain of the fabric to eliminate stretching.



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