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Double Sided Quilt As You Go Quilt

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Photo Instructions

Place a triangle face up on one side of the batting and a strip face down on top of the triangle lining it up with the end of the triangle. Do the same on the back but on the opposite side as the front.

Starting with one side - add another strip and sew then iron and press open continue until you have all strips sewn and it will now look like the next photo.

As you can see from this photo when you flip your square over that the original triangle on this side is already quilted and now you will start sewing the strips on this side the same way you did on the opposite side and when completed both triangles will be quilted and the square is ready to go.


This photo shows sewing the strip being sewn onto the one triangle and batting. You will do the same on both sides securing the strip. Then iron and press open both strips.

This is the completed one side of the reversible quilt square.

This is a photo of the completed square.




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