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How To Create and Attach Your Binding to your Quilt

First step is to cut 2 1/2 " strips of your binding material - some people cut on the bias and some don't! I have not found either way to be different for me but it is up to you. Be sure you have enough to go around the entire edge of the quilt with extra for turning corners and connecting the ends.

Take two strips and connect them by laying one on your machine face up and the other face down like shown in the photo and sew diaginally.

Next you will fold wrong sides together on your strip

Now your ready to start adding your strip to your quilt. Laying the quilt on the machine face up you will lay the binding strip on the edge with the fold on the inside and the raw edges matching the raw edges of the quilt. Notice how I left the tail on the binding and I did not start in a corner. Start in the middle of one side.

When you get near the end you want to be sure to stop leaving youself enough room to match the ends and trim. Then sew the edges together like shown in the next couple photos.

Next you will then take those loose pieces and put right sides together and sew the 1/4" seam. then remove from your machine and fold back in half and lay flat on your quilt edge. It will then look like the next photo.

Now that you have attached the binding to the front of your quilt you will hand sew the binding on the back of the quilt by folding the edge over and slip stitching with your needle and thread. Note: You may want to match your thread to the binding in order to minimize your stitches being seen. When you sew the slip stitch you will hide your knot under the fold and then catching the backing material with your needle you will come up into the binding fold edge and catch it and then back into the backing and then the binding and so on... When you get to the corners you will fold them to fit neatly and slip stitch them down and keep going until you are done.


Next... remove and trim off corner and open and iron flat. Then add your next strip to the end until you have all the strip connected to make one long strip.

Then iron the strip so that it creates a crease and keeps the wrong sides together nicely creating your bias strip for binding your quilt.

Turning corners. I finish by back stitching at the end of a side and remove it from my machine then I fold the edge and set back in my machine like above and start the next side.

When you match up your loose binding strips you must lay your quilt flat and lay the strips flat then hold them together and trim 1/4" up from laying flat on the quilt like the photo.

You can see the seam where I connected the two loose pieces of binding towards the bottom of this photo. Notice how it now lays flat and you can then finish sewing the edge down on your quilt.



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